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Google have an amazing offer now, helping business get started using their Pay Per Click advertising tool called Adwords, when you spend 25 euros on adwords credit, you get an eextra 75 euros free. This is great for companies trying out Google adwords for the first time, or websites starting up.

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 What is Google Adwords

Gooogle Adwords is a great tool for new or existing customers to gain exposure and to generate a stream of new customers.

 How it works

When people search in Google, they are presented by a list of results which match the search term entered.
The results are split into two distinct groups.

The first are the organic listings which appear in the middle of the page, listing the pages that Google thinks are most suited to your search. It takes time, effort and a well built website to appear on these listings.

The second are the paid advertising, which appears directly below the search box, and to the right of the page. These are ads that companies list on Google, and when someone clicks on them, the company is charged. This is called cost per click. The cost varied depending on which keywords you choose



What to do next

First you need to sign up for Google adwords here, Click here to request your personal Adword discount code

When you sign up, you will need to create a campaign, write text for and add and choose the keywords you want to appear for.


Choosing the right keywords

This is vital, a lot of people pick keywords without doing any prior research, and this can yield poor results in their advertising campaign. You need to choose keywords that are:

  1. Related to your business and service specifically, avoid general ads, its better to have a number of ads each targeting each of your business services, and have very specific keywords for each of these
  2. Choose keywords with low competition, if you choose keywords with very high competition, then the cost per click will be very high, and it will be difficult to appear number 1 for that paid advertiser spot
  3. Choose keywords with high search volume, you do not want keywords that nobody is looking for

There are many programs available to search through keywords and pick the good ones that will turn your campaign into a profitable advertising medium. The one tool offered by Google is the adwords keyword tool

Need help?

We offer a service to help you get started with adwords, and also affordable monthly services to ensure you get the most out of your budget.  Personally I have seen adwords alone save a company, and get immediate customers calling.  If you would like to discuss working with us with Google Adwords, we are always available to chat.