We provide an exclusive service to

Charities & Non Profits!

This is of course free of charge or heavily discounted depending on the project in question!

Its good to help, we are here to do just that!

It does not matter where you are based!

We help Charities all over the world

How we Work

We spend a constant percentage of our time working with non-profits & charities, helping them grow and achieve their goals, you could be our next one!

Apply for Assistance

Firstly you will need to contact us and explain what your Charity does, what is its goals, and its current issues. We will give you an application form to fill out and will analyse your business model thoroughly


If your project gets voted in by our team, then we will take you on board and plan out your project, some lasting a few weeks, and some months long. We always stay in touch with our previous clients adn charities

We start Work!

We will take you on with the same attitude as a professional client, deadlines, communication and professionalism are vital for this to work. We will have regular meetings to ensure we are indeed helping your charity grow!

How We Can Help?

Website Design

We can offer custom Design, print, website design and much more depending on your needs!


Market Research

Understanding the market where you are in, and how you can get your message in front of the right market, for sales, donations or awareness is vital to your success and growth


Google Adwords

Google offer FREE monthly credit to NGO's and charitable organisations to spend on their cause, once you are accepted, you have a monthly marketing fund to use!

Do You want a FREE monthly marketing Budget up to


FREE Monthly Ad Credit Available from Google Ad Grants Program


If you have a cause that needs help, no matter how small, please get in touch with us! Our CEO has a superman complex and finds it difficult to turn down good causes!