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Google Adwords Pay Per Click Monthly Marketing

Instant Impact

The minute we start your campaign running, you will start receiving visitors to your website. These will be very targeted visitors who are looking for exactly what you are offering, a perfect match!

Complete Control

The best thing about running a Google Adword campaign is the control you have of it! You can decide exactly how much you want to spend each month! and you can turn on and off the campaign any time you wish!

Affordable Packages

We are well aware that business owners are finding it hard in this climate, therefore we offer various Packages and payment plans to ensure you find a solution that works for you, and helps you grow steadily.

How Google Adwords works?

User Search & Click

The first thing that happens is the user (potential customer) searches Google for a specific term or keyword. A series of results will be returned, and the user has the option to click one of the ads

Keyword Bidding

When a Google Adword campaign is setup, a series of keywords need to be selected which it will target. Then a series of ads need to be created to match each of these keywords. Each keyword has a different cost (Cost per click) The more businesses that compete for the same keyword, the higher the cost per click will raise, therefore its important to choose your keywords wisely

Pay Per Click

So when a user clicks on your ad, you will pay the amount specified for that keyword, thus its called pay per click. With a well designed adword campaign, you can choose keywords with no competition, increasing your volume of clicks and decreasing the cost!

FREE Usability Report

We also analyse your website for free, highlighting the important aspects to improve the usability of the website, to ensure the visitor can navigate the website easily and choose your services!

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Massive Dynamic has over 10 years of experience in Design.

Aimed at Conversions

We build the Google Adword campaign so that the whole process from the moment the searcher clicks on your ad, to the specific landing page the process is optomised to achieve the goal you desire, whether that be a sale, a phone call, a video view or filling out a contact form. Our ad content writers ensure that your ad stands out from the others, getting more clicks!

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Massive Dynamic has over 10 years of experience in Design.

Google Adword setup - The Process

Analysis & Research

The first thing we will do is have a thorough discussion with you, and gather your requirements and your targets per month. Then we do very detailed keyword research, and build out a campaign which specifically suits your needs and will generate the results adn customers you want

Start Campaign & Monitor

Google adwords can be a very costly tool if it is not setup correctly. Bidding for expensive keywords with badly developed landing pages can be costly and ineffective! We ensure that your running costs are kept down, and the effectiveness of the campaign remains high

Monthly Reporting

You will notice the stream of customers from the Google Adwords campaign that we run for you, but adding to that, we report on the campaign every month, so you can see how many visitors, analyse increasing and decreasing trends, and see the value of this marketing medium.

Google Adwords

There is a wide variety of possible options when it comes to your Google Adword campaign, its important you choose the one which will suit your business and your business targets the best!

Text Ads

These are simple text ads which appear when a user searches for a term with a search engine

Banner Ads

These ads consist of a banner image which will display in Google Parter websites which will attract suitable visitors for your business

Call Ads

These are ads which are built to attract calls to your business, they are more expensive than text ads, but you get the chance to talk to the person on the phone which is a great advantage

Product Ads

These ads display your actual product and price for matching searches, these can be very effective for very targeted searches for a specific product

Video Ads

A video is a great way to get a message across in a short period, with video ads, you can display your video in YouTube and other platforms to targeted viewers.

Much more

We build your campaign to offer the very latest and most effective ad type to reach your targeted customers

We are local, from Cork

We are very proud to be from Cork, and have been helping Cork businesses grow and expand for over 14 years. We are proud rebels, but happily accept customers worldwide

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Massive Dynamic has over 10 years of experience in Design.

We speak English, Simple understandable solutions

You dont need a dictionary to figure out what we are saying, we deliver solutions which are clear and transparent and focused on getting you more business, simple packages that work

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Massive Dynamic has over 10 years of experience in Design.

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