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Open your business to a new income stream, online sales, open 24/7

E-commerce Specialists

We specialise in all aspects of ecommerce and, as such, we are well equipped with the comprehensive services and applications needed to develop any online business into a fully operational, thriving Internet success!

Secure & Simple

Our online shops are simple to use, and are linked directly to your bank via Stripe, all secure safe and easy, you get paid when a customer buys online, simple!

Afforadable Packages

We are well aware that business owners are finding it hard in this climate, therefore we offer various Packages and payment plans to ensure you find a solution that works for you, and helps you grow steadily.

The Process

Analysis & Research

The first thing we will do is have a thorough discussion with you, and gather your requirements for the e-commerce solution. Then we go off and do our own market research and see if we can add to this to ensure you take advantage of opportunities in the market

Development & Testing

In this stage we work on developing a live working version for you, adding the content, products and images you wish, and ensuring that the system works perfectly and is set up and optimised to capture as many customers as possible, and entice them to buy

Monthly Marketing & Results

Usually our customers come onboard for some form of monthly marketing to get their online shop noticed and appearing in front of their targeted customer base. We are not happy until you are busy with new customers, and all the sales you can manage

You Have Control

With our content management system, you can log in, and update the shop easily from anywhere with an internet connection. You can access the orders, available products and change whatever you want, when you want

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Massive Dynamic has over 10 years of experience in Design.

Mobile Friendly

Its vital that your website is accessable from desktop, mobiles and tablets alike, allowing your customers to find you anytime, and use your website without issues!

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Massive Dynamic has over 10 years of experience in Design.

Why Sell online?

An online storefront is an ideal sales experience for both you and your customers. You get a direct insight into what your customers are looking for, which you would never get in a physical store.

Reduce your operational costs

the operational costs of an eCommerce solution are significantly less than those involved when selling from a physical store, thus directly improving your financial situation and projection. There is no rent to pay, you hire less personnel, and so forth.

Your catalogue online

your website can function as a catalogue of products and services to which your existing customers can refer.

Open 24/7

with your online shop open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you increase the number of customers who can shop your selection, further increasing your opportunity for sales.

Simplify your sales process

using our system, customer orders can go directly to your products database and into the shipping queue. With a well-designed online store, you can improve your sales processes considerably, reducing your costs further or selling more products per transaction.

Get paid easily

the online payments are instantaneous and easily managed. You get paid BEFORE you have to provide your customers with your goods and services

Reach a global audience

increase sales opportunities by gaining instant access to a wider market. Sell to the entire country, and even abroad!

Previous work
Below are some examples of our previous work. Click here to see more detailed case studies

We are local, from Cork

We are very proud to be from Cork, and have been helping Cork businesses build their online shops, grow and expand for over 14 years. We are proud rebels, but happily accept customers worldwide

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Massive Dynamic has over 10 years of experience in Design.

We speak English, Simple understandable solutions

You dont need a dictionary to figure out what we are saying, we deliver solutions which are clear and transparent and focused on getting you more business, simple packages that work

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Massive Dynamic has over 10 years of experience in Design.

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