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Situation Analysis

Oxford University approached us regarding a phased project in order to join various of their database and systems into one controlled system. After analysing the full requirements, and future objectives and goals for EAMENA, a clear strategy was proposed to improve the aesthetic and functionality of EAMENA’s online presence as a whole. The goal was to integrate the current website, and the interactive map portal into one resource, one which is professional, easy to use and accessible and has improved functionality to increase


The goals of were as follows:

Design, develop and apply a fresh new design, which will be modern, pleasing to the eye, more professional, and highlight the primary goals of the organisation in an improved manner
The menu structure will be modified to improve customer accessibility.
A content management system which will allow the team to log in and update the site easily, from anywhere with an internet connection, as a lot of the team work around the world remotely.
The web solution to be responsive, mobile friendly
A Blog will be added to the website, this will allow categorisation of posts, uploading of various types of media such as video, images, audio, and also allow easy sharing of the articles.
The website will be linked to social media, showing the updates on the twitter and Facebook pages.
The website was integrated with the interactive Arches map system.

Company Information

EAMENA’s primary aim is to rapidly record and evaluate the status of the archaeological landscape of the MENA region in order to create an accessible body of data which can be used by national and international heritage professionals to target those sites most in danger and better plan and implement the preservation and protection of this heritage.



We were very happy with the results, communication and quick turnaround time for this project, thank you again


  • Logo Design

  • Branding

  • Website Design

  • Custom Integration

  • Visible Results

  • Mobile Friendly

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The result of the project was one web platform launched, which the team at oxford university could update easily.  It also integrates with their searchable online database which outputs as a map.  The project helped raise awareness to the cause, and also give the team a platform to use easily anywhere in the world.

website platforms combined

Integrated Map

Map Entries

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