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Ensure you make the most of local recurring customers

Local are loyal

When a customer searches for a local service or product, if they find a business that impressed them, they will most likely stay loyal to that business and remain a long term returning customer, and promote this business to their friends, family and neighbours

On the Move & Mobile

Most of people search for products and services on a mobile device, while they are on the move. Once they find a suitable match, they can even get directions, opening times and reviews of the local businesses. It is VITAL that your business is visible locally, that your contact information is correct, and that your website functions well on mobile devices

Affordable Packages

We are well aware that business owners are finding it hard in this climate, therefore we offer various Packages and payment plans to ensure you find a solution that works for you, and helps you grow steadily.

Explaining Local Searches

User Search

A local search typically includes a location as keyword in the search term, for example “Hairdresser Cork”, and is used by customers seeking a business or product in their area. When these types of searches are performed, the search engines will often pull a geographic map of local business listings with important contact and directional information


The results that are shown will be local first. You will see at the top of the search results that a map is shown with the top results on it. It’s important that your site is listed locally, as well as having all of your correct contact details available. You can list details such as customer reviews, opening times , website, phone number, directions, pictures, images and much more

Am I on local?

It is quite easy to check if you are visible or not locally. First try searching for your service and the city you are located in, such as 'hairdresser Cork'. Do you appear on the map? on the sidebar? or on the first page of the results? If you cannot find your business, then your customers wont be able to find you easily either!

FREE Local Visibility Report

We also analyse your website for free, highlighting the important aspects to improve the usability of the website, and visibility of your brand, to ensure the visitor can navigate the website easily and choose your services!

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Massive Dynamic has over 10 years of experience in Design.

Aimed at High Visibility

The final result will be high visibility to targeted local customers. Ensuring your business is set up correctly and accurately in all the possible locations where your local customer base are searching. This, when set up delivers a stream of free customers to your business

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Massive Dynamic has over 10 years of experience in Design.

The Power of Local

Making sure your business is set up correctly to capture as many local customers as possible is vital! There are a wide range of services available to list and promote your business, such as Google Maps which allows you to manage your physical business location information.

Phone Number

The local listing should have your correct contact telephone number listed, customers on the move may want to talk on the phone!

Mobile Friendly

Your website should be listed from your local business listings. On top of that, its vital that your website works well on mobile devices such as phones and tablets, as if its difficult to navigate, potential customers will get frustrated and leave


Your Local Listing should have your correct address listed, customers nearby or otherwise may want to travel to your location! if your address is not listed or incorrect, you will loose customers!

Brand Awareness

If your business is listed in the majority of the local platforms available, customers will see your brand, and subconsciously gain a level of trust towards it

Customer Reviews

Local Listings will allow a business to collect and show customer reviews. This is a great way to instill a level of trust into a potential customer. Customers generally check the reputation of a business before choosing!

35% more customers?

We have noticed on average 35% more enquiries to businesses set up on local properly nad those not? How does 35% more customers sound to you?

We are local, from Cork

We are very proud to be from Cork, and have been helping Cork businesses grow and expand for over 14 years. We are proud rebels, but happily accept customers worldwide

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Massive Dynamic has over 10 years of experience in Design.

We speak English, Simple understandable solutions

You dont need a dictionary to figure out what we are saying, we deliver solutions which are clear and transparent and focused on getting you more business, simple packages that work

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Massive Dynamic has over 10 years of experience in Design.

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